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Drill down reports - understanding

Created: 01 Oct 2013 | 1 comment

Ok so I watched the video over here

so am I getting it right that a drill down report is just tying a report to another? so you need 2 reports?

So can someone walk me through the steps of this? I have a report that just does a count of machines with McAfee

Select t0.[DisplayName] as ' Application', t0.[displayVersion] as 'Version', Count(t0.[displayName])  as 'Count'
From [Inv_AddRemoveProgram] t0 
--Change below line to find app
where [displayName] like '%McAfee virussca%'
Group by t0.[displayName], t0.[displayVersion]
and this works. What do I have to do to say right click and show all computers from one of those rows?
Is this something built into the same report or is it a second report?
Thanks.. This is one area I have treaded lightly!!!
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I know the attached is sql manager.. just making sure it ran.. wink

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