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drive comes up with multiple paths

Created: 24 Jan 2013 • Updated: 21 Mar 2013 | 11 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

NBU master: on HP-UX 11.31

NBU server: Windows 2K8 R2 64bit,

issue: We replaced a tape library and used same robot number, a few drives came up with two paths, i removed the extra path from JAVA console, but after restarted media services, the extra path came back.

From "tpconfig -d", i also see the extra path.

Is there any way we can remove the extra path?


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Which host you connected to in Java GUI?

If you connected to the master server while reconfiguring, it must be reflected correctly.

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Maybe you need to check physical connections as well as zoning?

Multiple paths are perfectly supported by NBU if more than on path exists to tape drive(s).

Check 'scan' output on master and media servers.

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Confirm zoning looks OK, Wondows device manger only see every drive once with new scan.

But both "#scan" and "#tpautoconf -t" see all these extra drives. since i am reusing the robot number, these drives should belong to the previous library. Not sure why they stick with new SN on new drive.

D:\Program Files\Veritas\Volmgr\bin>tpconfig -d
Id DriveName Type Residence
SCSI coordinates/Path Stat
0 STK-LTO3-TLD01-SF-D1 hcart3 TLD(1) DRIVE=1
{3,0,3,0} UP
1 STK-LTO3-TLD01-SF-D2 hcart3 TLD(1) DRIVE=2
{4,0,2,0} UP
2 HP-LTO5-TLD8-SF-D1 hcart TLD(8) DRIVE=1
{3,0,1,0} UP
3 HP-LTO5-TLD8-SF-D2 hcart TLD(8) DRIVE=2
{4,0,1,0} UP
4 VTL-LTO5-TLD25-SF-D1 hcart TLD(25) DRIVE=1
{4,0,3,1} UP
{3,0,0,10} UP
5 VTL-LTO5-TLD25-SF-D3 hcart TLD(25) DRIVE=3
{4,0,3,3} UP
{3,0,0,11} UP
6 VTL-LTO5-TLD25-SF-D2 hcart TLD(25) DRIVE=2
{3,0,4,2} UP
{3,0,0,4} UP
7 VTL-LTO5-TLD25-SF-D4 hcart TLD(25) DRIVE=4
{3,0,4,4} UP
{3,0,0,6} UP
8 VTL-LTO5-TLD25-SF-D6 hcart TLD(25) DRIVE=6
{3,0,4,6} UP
{3,0,0,8} UP
9 VTL-LTO5-TLD25-SF-D5 hcart TLD(25) DRIVE=5
{4,0,3,5} UP

Currently defined robotics are:
TLD(1) SCSI coordinates = {3,0,2,0}
TLD(8) robot control host =
TLD(25) SCSI coordinates = {4,0,3,0}

EMM Server =

D:\Program Files\Veritas\Volmgr\bin>

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Do you have mutlipathing enble?

does your Drives Zoned to two ports for redundancy?

if above is the case, showing 2 paths is common and supported, and required even in case of one path failure.

if that is not multipatihing /Zoned to 2 ports then 

what is the robot and Drives having this issue looks like its robot TLD 25 ,, confirm please.

Please show us the tpautoconf -t output.

and scan output.

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no mutlipathing, no redundancy, my media server see any drive once only.

TLD 25: VTL; HP4048 with 6 drives to NBU server

OLD TLD25: VTL; HP4048 with 5 drives to same NBU server but they have been removed from zoning and NBU server. Believe all five extra paths are from this one. Not sure why. Both SCAN and TPAUTOCONF -t see all real and fake drive paths.

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you may need to try

deleing all Drives form netbckup,

reboot your media server 

Reconfigure the Drives

and then see how it looks.

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yeah, reboot is the only option i didn't try since we will need downtime for this. thanks for reminding.

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letus know how it goes after reboot..

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Delete all drives from OS Device Manager as well before you reboot.
Tpautoconf and scan is simply reporting whatever the OS sees.

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After rebooted the media server. The extra drive path disappeared. It looks if we replace a library and reuse the the robot number, we better to reboot the media server.

thanks for all your helps.

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Please mark Nagalla's post as solution.

Your issue was not because of reusing the same robot number - all references to original robot number were removed when you deleted and restarted NBU. If NBU wasn't clean, it would not allow you to reuse same robot number.

There were some 'leftover' device path entries at OS level which were cleaned out when you rebooted.
Windows servers should always be rebooted when changes are made at device level.

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