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Drive missing (D:, F:, G:) after the reboot (Windows 7 & PGP)

Created: 20 Jan 2013 | 7 comments

My new Dell laptop was installed with Windows 7 & PGP WDE in it. This was performed by my office team (by the infrastructure Team).

I did a shrink on the C: drive, and created new volumes (D, F, & G).

E: was already allocated to the DVD RW Drive.

Both diskmanagement and PGP Desktop was initially showing all the drives. After seeing everything OK, I distributed my entire data (both Official & Personal) across to all the volumes, including C, D, F, & G

The setup ran for 3 days without any problem

After some automatic windows updates I was asked to restart my laptop.

** Problem started here.

Now all the hard disk drives except C: is missing. (ie, D, F, & G).

When I go to disk management it shows only one volume C:

C:   Simple   Basic    NTFS      Healthy (System, Boot, Page File, Active Crash Dump, Primary Parition)   465.75 (Capacity)   465.75 (Free Space)     100% (% Free)     No  (Fault Tolerance)      0% (OverHead)

PGP Desktop also shows only C: as only parition available. Remaining paritions available earlier are gone now.

Windows explorer shows only C: as 171 GB Free of 233 GB. The entire space allocated for the other volumes are unusable now.

The data stored in (D, F, & G) was so important to me, so I did some googling & recoverened the entire files using TeskDisk utlity

I am happy that I got all the data stored in the missing volumes, but still unable to mount the remaining drives.

I am still doubtfull whether something else will happen and my remaining drives also will go disappear.

Any idea ???

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It's advisable you can raised support ticket.

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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Can you show screenshot of your Disk Management (assuming the disks show up there) PGP will only display active partitions according to the Disk Management, so it might just be a case of them losing their disk letters, and all you'd need to do is assign them letters again and you're on your way

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Disk management do not show any paritions now. Screenshot attached

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Very odd indeed, did you actually get around to encrypting anything?  

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Nope.. after missing all the paritions I tried to recover data, and I succeeded using TestDisk. That tool showed me those volumes as 'Deleted". There was nothing I did related to disk management once I completed initial paritioning. I was googling around "Windows 7 & missed partions". But all those who faced similar issue like me there is a difference that disk management still shows those volumes.

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Sounds like PGP for once isn't the culprit in this case.  The disks inside PGP only sees what Disk Management sees.  I'd look and see what updates were actually installed, especially any hardware related ones, uninstall them all and see if your disks go back, or maybe use windows recovery and do the /fixmbr to realign your MBR. 

Note:  DON'T do the /fixmbr command if you have encrypted disks, itll mess things up horribly.

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You can raised support ticket

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Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma