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driver for IBM LTO-3

Created: 03 Apr 2013 | 7 comments

I have a new installation of BE2012 on a Windows 2008 R2 Server, that cannot find my IBM LTO-3 tape drive.  I can see the SCSI card in the Windows Device Mgr.   The tape drive is in a Dell 110T enclosure, but is an IBM unit.  The tape drive works fine in an older BE2010 installation.  What steps did I miss?  Thanks.

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Hi sideshow 2,

Check to make sure the tape drive is using Symantec drivers or the most current manufacturers drivers. Also upgrade the firmware on the tape drive.

1. Power Off the Server
2. Power off the Tape Drive
3. Power on the Tape Drive to a 'Ready' State
4. Power on the Server

Take a look at this great blog on troubleshooting a tape drive.

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In the Windows Device Manager, you should see the tape library as an Unknown Medium Changer with a Microsoft driver and the tape drive should have a Symantec driver.

You can go to the BE installation directory and use tapeinst.exe to install the tape library and tape drive.

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I believe you only have a single stand-alone tape drive, so ignore previous posts about your library.  tapeinst has nothing to to with the tape library.

You should see the tape drive in Windows Device Manager, under a branch called "Tape Drives".  If you see it there, then restarting the BE services "should" fix the issue.  If you do not see the tape drive in Device Manager, then the troubleshooting shifts to the hardware, the operating system, etc.

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Thanks for the ideas. And yes this is a single tape unit, not a loader.   Unfortunately, Windows Device Manager does not see the tape drive in any way that I can tell, there is no Tape Drives heading anywhere and I do not see any Unknown Devices either.  I have tried the power off/on cycle several times.  The LSI U320 card prompts when the Server POSTs, but it does not say that it sees anything either.  And I can take the tape drive immediately back to the older server and it will work fine. Any other ideas?

CraigV's picture it terminated correctly, and have you ensured there is no hardware issue with that SCSI card?


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the tape drive is terminated correctly. But I have not been able to test the SCSI beyond the BIOS tools on POST, but I think finding something else to connec to the SCSI card is the next step. thanks

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I have the same problem on 2 different servers in two different (remote) sites.

Windows 2008 does not detect LTO IBM LTO3 tape drives therefore BackupExec does not work as the Tape Drive is not detected.

I have gone grey and lost hair trying to get a driver to work so that BE can operate.

If I install a quantum driver (LTO3) the tape device is recognised but will not work as its the "wrong" driver so therefore it appears to be a driver problem only.