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Driver location and future-proofing.

Created: 21 Sep 2013 • Updated: 27 Sep 2013 | 3 comments
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I am slowly integrating Ghost into our school, one machine-model at a time. I just spent an hour looking for a Vista32 driver based on Hardware ID for a certain Dell with a 7 Series Intel AHCI driver. This new hardware is getting  harder to find Vista32 drivers for, and that got me wondering how long this is going to last...

My understanding is that Symantec is not further developing Symangec GSS anymore, nor have they for a few years. How is this going to affect the longevity of operations for us actively using Ghost?

Is it possible to integrate and develop a newer PE to boot off of so that we can continue to find the driver support that we need? And since I am talking about drivers, do any of you have a really good source for drivers that you are finding all you need? Google is coming up slim on 7 Series AHCI Sata drivers for Vista32, and all I can find are pre-packaged exe installers that I cant extract the .inf files from... Is there an easy place to get drivers?

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Have a look at recent postings by Terry Bu - he has written some articles about how to update WinPE to version 3.1 within the Ghost framework. For example:

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thanks for the shout out EdT!  We have HP Elite 800 comps that have hardware that Intel has no intention of releasing Vista 32bit drivers for.  So what i did was download the Win7 drivers and put them in the WinPE3.1 image i make in this article:

this is a work around, and it sucks that it doesnt work 100% correctly, but its better than the total failure i get when trying to get my HP 800 to work with Vista.  The next step if you do the above, and want to issue clone commands when the comp is actually IN windows, not in the PE, is to follow this article i wrote:

those articles are similar, but about slightly different topics.  the first one gets you a PE that can phone home to the GSS server and restore the machine.  the second article is about getting the machine to be able to reboot into a WinPE to accept a ghosting, and NOT fail on missing drivers

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Thanks! you guys are awesome, and this is bookmarked for reference. I found another solution the the problem that was the reason for this article, but this is only going to become more and more common so I wanted to get my head in the game. I will dig through your articles and see about trying to grok the process.