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Drives are not visible from OS level

Created: 04 Oct 2012 | 4 comments

Hi Team,

Drives of Disk library are going to down state frequently , they are virtual drives

we are unable to view the drives from scan command , where as cat /proc/scsi/scsi displays them ..

and from var/log/messages , we have

Oct  4 07:51:23  avrd[13073]: Unable to open TCEDL1869_LT1-DRIVE21(device 10, /dev/nst19) thru sg driver, No such device or address, DOWN'ing it
Oct  4 07:52:24   avrd[13073]: Unable to open TCEDL1869_LT1-DRIVE21 (device 19, /dev/nst8) thru sg driver, No such device or address, DOWN'ing it

please suggest how we have to proceed further

Thanks in advance ...

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You need to log a call with VTL vendor and your SAN administrator.

NBU is merely REPORTING the problem.

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from VTL side,they are showing as connected ..checking from san side . t

Thank you Marianne

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adding to Marianne, ask OS admin to help you. sg device files under /dev does not exist or does not point appropriate hardware. there may be something wrong with sg driver.

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ok yasuhisa, checking in that direction ..Thank you