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Drives issue

Created: 09 Jun 2014 • Updated: 20 Jun 2014 | 3 comments
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Hello Team,

Master server is AIX

ACSLS server is SunOS   5.8

ACSLS drives are going down again and again

I am trying to check configuration but it is not giving me serial number

ACSSA> display drive * -f type serial_num

2014-06-09 09:23:00              Display Drive

Acs  Lsm  Panel  Drive  Type       Serial_num

0    0    9      1      T9940B

0    0    9      5      T9940B

0    0    9      6      T9940B

0    0    9      7      T9940B

It is also giving transport failure for 2-3 drives

ACSSA> dismount drive 0,1,10,11 force

2014-06-09 09:13:40     0    drive   0, 1, 9,11: Library error, Transport failure


2014-06-09 09:15:26     0    drive   0, 1, 9,10: Library error, Transport failure


2014-06-09 09:15:32     0    drive   0, 1,10,11: Library error, Transport failure


Dismount: Dismount failed, Library failure.

ACSSA> dismount drive 0,1,9,10 force

2014-06-09 09:21:18     0    drive   0, 1, 9,10: Library error, Transport failure

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mph999's picture

Short of rebooting the library / ACS server (sometimes fixes things) I think you need to have a chat with your hardware support.

We can't fix that in NBU as it's ACS commands, and I suspect missing serial numbers/ library transport errors are fairly terminal as far as a DIY fix is concerned.

Regards,  Martin
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Nicolai's picture

beeing a big user of ACSLS I can only support Martin in this. "Library error, Transport failure" indicate a hardware failure or a stuck tape in a tape drive.

You need to open the robot and inspect the tape drive. Maybe a dropped cartridge is loaded and jammed in the drive. Alternative if you have SLconsole access reboot the tape drive and see if you can dismount the tape drive afterward.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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Marianne's picture

Seems we all agree...

Log a call with your STK/SUN/Oracle vendor.

Nothing from NBU point of view can fix this.

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