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Drives Missing or not showing up in the NBU Admin Console

Created: 22 Apr 2014 • Updated: 29 Apr 2014 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi All,

We had total of 18 drives 9 per site and now i can see only 7 drives per site which total of 14 drives , recently our OS team did some H/W refresh which has few DB media server is this is the reason ?? or how to check ?



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What can the OS see, run :


DO you see all 9 drives or only 7

Regards,  Martin
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I have run it on my Master server

I see only 14 from Scan

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scan needs to be run from the servers that should see the drives, eg. the media servers.

If the master is the media, as it appears to be then fine.

scan sends a scsi command to each devices seen by the OS, so it would appear that the issue is the OS is not seeing the drives after the refresh.  Once this is corrected, scan should show all the drives, and then NBU shpould work (might need to reconfigure devices).

If teh OS is Solaris, then it is possible that the OS does see the devices, but the sg driver needs rebuilding.  If the OS is Solaris try these commands and see if they see all the drives.

cfgadm -al  (might not show everything)

cfgadm -al -o shoe_FCP_dev

Regards,  Martin
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You have chosen 'UNIX' as OS in your opening post.

Which UNIX? Solaris? AIX? HP-UX?

Please be specific. Especially when it comes to devices - NBU needs the OS for device access.

Please run scan command on each of your media servers.

If OS teams did 'some H/W refresh' you need to find out what exactly this means.
Were any tape drives replaced?
If so, best to confirm that OS on all media servers can see all tape drives, delete existing NBU drive config and re-run device config wizard.

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