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DS 6.9 on SMP 7.1?

Created: 16 Mar 2011 | 4 comments
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My first attempt at getting these to run on the same box failed, i havent done ay massive troubleshooting yet, but just thought i'd check if this should actually work?

Can we run DS 6.9 on the SMP 7.1 Win 2008 box as well?

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It's totally unsupported and, as DS is 32 bit, it wouldn't be surprising if it doesn't work properly.

If it works on it's own, the next thing to check would be that the DS 7.1 Symantec Boot Services (PXE services) are disabled and not interfering with the DS ones.

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DS 6.9 also supports x64 bit arch as server.

But if you have installed ITMS 7.1, you can prefer to use Ds 7.1 which is a part of ITMS. It does nhot contain all the functionality but will definaltely be replacing DS 6.9 in future.

Personally i will not prefer to install DS 6.9 and ITMS (with dattabase engine) on same machine.

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I would install the DS 6.9 on a seperate machine, but you are able to install DS 6.9 on the ITMS 7.1 Server. But when you installed DS 7.1 too, disable the Symantec Boot Server Services!

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I know that DS 6.9 will run on Windows Server 2008 x64 and I have customers using this configuration.  But I haven't tried it on R2.

I think it probably will work on the same box as SMP 7.1 but I don't think many real-world environments have this configuration yet.  If it works, please let us all know.