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[DS 6.9 SP5 MR2] DAgent on Win7: Sleeping on the job

Created: 26 Mar 2013 | 4 comments

I am experiencing a weird situation that only affects the Win7 machines, the WinXP with AClient works perfectly.

I have DAgent installed on the Win7 clients, starts up with Win7 starting up, makes connection with DS server using specified IP (little cyan monitor appears in DS Console). When I login with an user account (local or domain) or logoff the icon changes immediately (upon DS Console refresh) to indicate the correct current state. So in terms of the DS Console the DAgent is responding correctly to client activities, including shutting downs (appearing as grey monitors) and restarts (switching between cyan and grey monitors).

When I try to send various jobs to the Win7 clients, DAgent does not seem to respond to the DS Console's job requests.

The only time I get DAgent to respond to the requests is to bring up the DAgent Window, then click Properties, to bring Properties window, then click OK. At this point it disconnects from DS, restablishes the connection, and gets latest client update, which has the job, then begins to execute the job.

What is causing the DAgent to sleep, and requiring one to login and refresh the connection?

I would really like to send jobs to Win7 clients without having to login, as I able to do with WinXP clients using AClient.

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What you may want to do is use an INP file along with the DAgent. You can use the same file you have for the AClient and I assume that you have a setting in there like the below preventing the agent from going inactive. If you deploy the INP file into the same folder as you have installed the DAgent to, it should pick up the settings automatically and in worst case, restart the service.



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BBC, thanx for the info provided.

I made changes to the aclient.inp elsewhere, as I found another post of yours stating that the file is automatically removed when the DAgent service is started. Copied the file to the DAgent folder, and restarted the service.

Though still was stuck with the same issue of going to DAgent Service Propeties window from either the commandline DAgentConfig, or clicking on Properties from the DAgent UI window, both followed by simply clicking of OK to cause the connection to be restarted to receive the jobs.

I played around with the values for the related settings of ConnectionParadigm, even setting this setting to 1. I did notice when the setting was set to 1, with low values for other settings, I never saw the connection in the DAgent UI window ever closing and restarting. The closing and restarting seems only to take place when one leaves the Properties window. To me it seems, once it has completed a job, or Status updated, it is unable to received instructions even when the connection is still alive.

I also discovered I had aclient.cfg file also in the folder of DAgent, was contniuously bringing back unwanted options settings, so I removed it from the folder, which resulted in other wanted settings to stay put. I hope aclient.cfg is not needed for anything.

I do see a setting for UserInfoInterval=60. Not sure if this setting plays a role in getting client status updates.

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The aclient.cfg file usually comes from the AClient being installed or being deployed with i.e. WinPE. I had a similar issue long ago with the CFG file remaining on the HDD and causing the agent to pick up settings I did neither set nor want, but you can safely delete the file. What I also suggest is that you check the INP files and settings in the DS console to make sure that i.e. agents are not forced to pick up settings that may conflict with the settings in your INP file you use. If you check on the console for Tools-Options and make sure the Force Agents to take these settings (I hope that is the correct name) is unchecked and no CFG file being on the client machine, you will be safe that only the settings you have specified will be applied.

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Thanks for the information BBC. No matter what I removed, on both the client and DS server, edited the INP that I added to the client before imaging. I still ended up with the service not responding at all, except following the above manual procedure. Due to time constraints, we were forced to abondon using Win7. We reverted to using WinXP, once we sorted out the AHCI driver for WinXP. Maybe later this year I have a chance to try getting DAgent to work properly on Win7. AClient works so nicely with no hassles and immeditately responsive to DS jobs, sadly it does not work on Win7.