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DS 6.9 SP6 - WinPE 4.0 error

Created: 03 Dec 2013 • Updated: 03 Dec 2013 | 24 comments

No matter how i've tried to install WinPE 4.0 as a pre-boot operating system it continually fails with 'Missing Operating System Files'.  I've tried using the adksetup.exe and i've also tried using the option for the pre-installed ADK and both give the same error.   Previously with 2.1, Altiris had their own exe's to install this.  Using the Windows adksetup seems to be buggy.  Anyone have a solution?


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Screenshot of error.

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Not sure if it's of any benefit, but the last file i see mentioned before the error comes up is 'msxml6r.dll'.  Also, this is a 2008 R2 SP1 server.

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I think we have problem only in the 2003 server and you have mentioned that you are in 2008 R2 SP1
It is a Microsoft issue. On the DS server,that will need to install Windows ADK 8.0 so that WinPE 4.0 can be used. If they have a problem installing Windows ADK 8.0 on a Microsoft 2003 server, you need to take this issue up with Microsoft. It has also had problems installing on Windows 2003 server.
You will also need significant hard drive space for both the DS upgrade and Windows ADK 8.0 installation.




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What about if you don't install the ADK and let the Boot Disk Creator do the installation?  Following the steps in this guide worked for me:

However, it was failing when I tried to install the ADK to the D: drive on my server.  Once I let it use the default installation path then everything worked.

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That was the article I followed...other than letting it download to the 'Downloads' folder.  I tried running it from the C driver, from a UNC path, from the eXpress share...didn't make a difference.  I would find it strange if moving the location to the downloads folder worked, but at this point i'll try anything.

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I'm having the exact same issue.. I've installed the Win 8 ADK to the default location on my Server 08 R2 box.

I select "Pre Installed ADK" it goes through and copies all the files then throws the same error message back on both x86 and x64 options.


Any chance of the pre-boot exe's that were availble for Winpe2?

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Hi Folks,

I got mine working. I needed to install the Windows Management Framework 3.0.

After I installed it everything ran through fine.

Grab it here:

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Try below steps :

If you encounter an error "Missing operating sysytem files" while installing WinPE 4.0 preboot files.

Reboot the DS server and then try to install the preboot files of WinPE 4.0 .

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Symdon, what do you mean...reboot and reinstall the ADK?  I've done that as well.

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OK, just to follow up, I tried using the downloads folder...which actually gave me hope as for some strange reason there were 2 adksetup files - one being where the linked document/instructions said it would be.  Unfortunately, I get the same result.  It gets to the point of extracting files, hits the 'msxml6r.dll' file at 20% then I get the same 'Missing Operating System Files' message.

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Another follow up - I found a post on the Altirigos site that references this as well and says that you have to install the Windows Management Framework 3.0  (   I'll be giving that a try as well.

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And there you have it.  This needs to be added to the SP6 installation document referenced above.  After installing the WMF 3.0 rebooting and going through the install again it picked up the WInPE envoronment without an error.

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Actually it appears that the whole WMF is not required.  My test box does not have WMF 3.0 installed but it does have Powershell 3 installed and it works.

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That's definitely an oversight in the documentation.  This page needs to be updated with the info we've found:

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FYI I forwarded this thread to the Product Manager for Deployment Solution.

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And he replied and they'll update the documentation.

Thanks everyone!

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I seem to have this same problem, but installing the WMF 3.0 and restarting did not fix the issue. Are there any things that people have found to fix this besides WMF 3.0?

Edit: It appears as if the DS Bootwiz ADK installer will only launch the 32-bit WIM filter installer, which fails on my 64-bit server...

Edit2: This appears especially likely as the WimMountInstall file in eXpress\WAIK in both the x86 and AMD64 folders is the 34kb x86 edition. I replaced the x86 install file on the ADK folder with the 35kb AMD64 edition and the WimMountInstall file magically became 35kb instead... so that's where it's coming from. But DS 6.9 SP6 keeps bringing in the wrong other support files, so it won't build for me.

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Somehow running the ADK install or something else in the past corrupted Windows' files. After running a sfc /scannow and rebooting, the WinPE 4.0 installation worked.

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One more note on this. If I try to install the WinPE through the DS installation, it fails. If I skip the WinPE installation and point Bootwiz at the installed location after it's done, it works.

I have tried both with the default location and with my preferred second drive. Both ways, it works fine post-install. Just remember to name your WinPE installation WinPE Managed and it will take slot 131 and look as if it had been done by the server automatically.

Just thought I should mention this since there are likely others who have experienced something similar.

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I do not find again now where, but I remember I was reading the ADK 8 must be installed on a x86 computer, to build winPE x86 AND x64.

If installing on x64 server, only possible to generate WinPE x64 !?!

Is this correct ?

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I have a Deployment Server on W2008 R2, 64 bits. I can build both WinPE 4.0 x86 and x64.

If a Connect post helped you out, be sure to click "Mark As Solution" or the "Thumbs Up" button to let other users know about it.

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OK great news. ;)

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I tried all of this, and finally I got it to work, here is what I did for anyone still having glitches.

1. If you have installed the ADK already, completly uninstall it and delete all the files associated with it, including the file you downloaded to install it

2. Install all Windows Updates and patches

3. Install WMF 3.0 if it not already installed, Click here to grab it.

4. Install WMF 4.0, Click here to grab it

5. Install .Net Framework 4.5, you need it for WMF 4.0

6. Check for any Windows Updates again and Install them

7. Reboot

8. Run the ADK installer, but have it make an offline installer to use later, DONT INSTALL YET!

9. Open Altiris and go to the Boot Disk Creator

10. Select Install Pre-boot OS Files, and Pick WinPE 4.0 x86

11. Navigate to the Offline installer you made earlier

12. Click Next, and the ADK installer should appear, run through the installer and accept the defaults

13. Now let Altiris Import everything

14. WinPE 4.0 is now available for Altiris!

Note: After you ran the ADK via the Add Preboot, installing WinPE 4.0 x64 is easy, ALtiris automatically inputs the path to the ADK install for you!

Hope this helps out anyone else who had that stubborn system that didn't want to cooperate like me.

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Make sure that the service account that Altiris is running under has rights to the "Manage auditing and security log" USER RIGHTS ASSIGNMENT. The Boot Disk Creator will not be able to mount the the WIM files otherwise.  This can be verified by turning on logging for the Boot Disk Creator.  Here is a link on how to turn on logging for Boot Disk Creator:

Hope this helps someone else.