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DS 7.1 - Ignore Error when installing 1 package?

Created: 05 Jul 2011 • Updated: 07 Jul 2011 | 6 comments
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In 6.x DS, you could ignore certain error codes when installing a package - is there a way to do this in 7.1?

I have a package (Dell touchpad) that errors with 1641 which I googled to mean successful install but installer requesting reboot. 

After reboot, software seems to work fine.  I can't figure out if the setup.exe I pulled from Dell's site has other command line switches available other than /s (nothing I tried works) to tell it to ignore restart (or set installer to reboot later).

Is there a way I can get DS to ignore this error in order to consider it successfully installed within the console - I have a restart scheduled later in the deploy task anyway?

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If it's a DS job, can't you just put in a new Condition "Where" Task Name - Return Value equals 1641, and then have it continue after the task?

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Dustin - thanks never used conditions before, but it worked great.. I had to move the task up on my job list because otherwise the condition list wouldn't give it as an option (weird).  I tried manually typing it thinking it would be available in search but no dice.

Once I had the condition I was able to move that job back down the list.

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Spoke too soon again - this only works if you uncheck the box "fail job if any task fails" - if you don't, it fails on that task and never gets to the next step to check for failure.

In my case, condition doesn't make sense I guess, I should just uncheck that box.

To be clear I have

deploy package

then condition, if package returns 1641 error, then do this, otherwise do that

Problem is job isn't getting to condition task unless I uncheck the fail job checkbox.

Am I doing anything wrong?  Any way to make it see the 1641 error as success i guess is really what I'm trying to do?

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Hey Sally,

What you need to do is set the return codes at the package level itself.

Do the following:

Open the package resource, and fine the command line install string.. Double click on the string you have selected to run during the job. Once there you need to set the success return codes to 1641 in order for it not to fail the job. Once you do this it won't fail the job when the 1641 occurs and it will move onto your condition task. Here is an example of what I'm talking about.. see towards the bottom where it says "Success Codes" you need to specify 1641 there.

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worked perfectly - thanks so much for posting.  For anyone else doing this, I had to set the failure code as well (to something else obviously).

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You are quite welcome, glad I could be of assistance :)