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DS 7.1 - Image deployment is successful but reports Timeout (Error 1) to console

Created: 29 Apr 2013 | 2 comments
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One of our customers is imaging Windows XP and Windows 7 clients. He also uses Backup Imaging. But every time he deploys an image, the console displays error 1 (because of timeout) even though the image is installed correctly. Other Tasks and jobs report their status correctly.

Customer is using a SMP 7.1 SP2 MP1 system. Any hints on this? Thanks!

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what is the average time of the image deployment? Is this error always displayed on each image deployment?

Is it a multi-site deployment? While deploying how many clients are deployed?


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The reason for MD's questions is that a timeout usually occurs because the time allocated for the task has been exceeded.  By default, MOST tasks are given 30 minutes to finish.  If the time to image exceeds the time allocated, it will "time-out" in the console, while still recording a success.  The failure appears on the Jobs and Tasks main-screen, but a success will appear if you drill-down into the task.  Weird, but there it is.

The problem with this logic is that the default timeout for a deploy image task is 960 minutes (non-editible, found if you right-click the task and select "view as XML").

Which then begs a few other questions.  1) you say they use backup images - are they distributing these to more than one workstation?  They should not.  2) are they using a deploy image task, or a custom script task to deploy the image - such as calling RDeploy yourself, or even ImageX?

Note that the default timeout for a script task is 30 minutes, but it's editible, and found under the Advanced tab.  IF you are using a script, up the timeout to 60 or 90 minutes - well in excess of what it actually takes, and the problem will be gone.

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