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DS 7.1 Sysprep Issue

Created: 08 Dec 2011 | 9 comments
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In DS 7.1 i prepare the base image with all application, Domain Joining and Installed the Altiris Agent with Deployment Plugin and Automation folder

now i sent the below listed task for creation the image

1) Prepare the Capture Image (In this phase sysprep run and clear the SID, Drivers,Domain Joining and boot from PXE boot not the automation one)

2) Now Image Creation job will run in PXE mode by using the RDEPLOY and create the image

Now if i deploy this image to multiple computer as which i mentioned above i already installed the Altiris agent so how can i reset the GUID or it will automatically give the new one beside that my machine name will transfer the same name as which i were having on my Base image so please advise how it will works



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After image deploy; computer name depends on the option selected in Deploy Image task for “Sysprep Configuration”; where:

  1. If the client where image is being deployed was already a managed client in NS than existing hostname name will be used
  2. If the client where image is being deployed is new than hostname would be same as shown in  Preboot environment “minint-x.x.x"
  3. If customer answer files is selected than name would be as given in the answer file


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Once the image is deployed and post sysprep is completed, Altiris Agent guid will be generated for client machine automatically.

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Thanks for both of you but it takes too much time to get the new GUID of Altiris Agent.

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It should take only default 15 min to get the new GUID. Which can be done manually also from SMAgent Settings > Configuration Change update.

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As was the case with XP and sysprep, 7.1 customers expect a solution where existing and new hardware can be imaged, and resolve the name automatically that they have configured in the computer Bios Asset TAG. and not just based on Inventory data, or staff having to visit each workstation to enter this

Do you have a solution for this senario

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If Bios Asset TAG means hardware serial number than computer name with these Serial Number can be done. This requires:

1. DS 7.1.2316

2. Deploy Image task

3. Apply System Configuration task with token %serialnumber% in computer name to run on all deployed computers

But this needs to be taken care that Serial Number should not return as blank or with special characters or spaces.

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The Bios section is 'named'   ' Asset Tag'   (not serial Number)

as was with DS 6.9 most client would change this field to mirrow the computers actual Client assigned Asset  No

syprep would then have the Token - %AssetTag%-  added within the computer name field

is the token %Assettag% still a valid Token within 7.1

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Apply system Configuration with %serialnumber% should resolve the issue of hostname; if wmic output of SerialNumber and IdentityNumber are same for  following commands (can run in Preboot/Production) for client where you want to use AssetTag:

1. x:\>wmic bios get name,serialnumber,version [Will give SerialNumber which is the Dell Service Tag]

2. x:\>wmic csproduct get name,vendor,identifyingNumber[Will give yet another service tag report]

AssetTag and Serial Number are mostly same here.

Existing supported tokens in DS 7.x are:


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Also please check "Inv_Agent_Plugin_Inventory" table in NS databse of "SerialNumber" and "AssetTag" for managed clients. Thanks.