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DS 7.1: Sysprep runs after deployed image when used Deployanywhere

Created: 03 Aug 2011 • Updated: 04 Aug 2011 | 10 comments
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We have a enviroment with Deployment 7.1. We always used the following job to capture the image:

1º Prepare for image capture. Configuring the key, instead of to use the current key.

2º Capture Image.

3º Reboot to Production.

However, when deploy this image captured with the following job:

1º Reboot to Pxe

2º Deploy Image, selected Deployanywhere

3º Reboot To Production

Sysprep runs another time,in addition to run in the task "Prepare for image capture":

When I logged the first time, syspre runs, the machine restart. Then, execute the answerfile (for example: Unattend_Default_2k8.xml) that a configured. But, when i don't selected Deployanywhere option, running normarlly, without execute sysprep other time.

In sort, it's very strange because it was not to run sysprep again. I think that must deploy image, via ghost, after reboot to production and finished, not run sysprep again as I said.

I did these steps in an environment of DS 7 and  I got the similiar problem. 

Any ideia?

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When you deploy an image, it goes for post sysprep process. but in your snapshot you are logged in and sysprep is running which is a wrong behavior. 

There should not be muh diference if you Deploy Image with/without DA.

Once the post sysprep is completed then only yous should eb allowed to login. 

a few questions

1. is you machine in domain and it does it join domain successfully after post sysprep

2. which DS version you are using.

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Hi arjain,

I'm using DS 7.1 SP1 version 7.1.1895. 

When a running Deployanywhere manually:

"net use W: \\%Taskserver%\Deployment/user:[domain\username] password"

"W:\Task Handler\ghost\DeployAnywhere.exe" /eval /target=c:\Windows /ddb="W:\Task Handler\DriversDB" 

I logged and sysprep no running, behavior normally, how it worked in another version 7.0.

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I think to create a script task and execute with this command:

"net use W: \\%Taskserver%\Deployment/user:[domain\username] password"

"W:\Task Handler\ghost\DeployAnywhere.exe" /eval /target=c:\Windows /ddb="W:\Task Handler\DriversDB"

However it is not a safe process, because I need to map a user name and password...

Any idea? 

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First you should get DS71SP1A  that should be the .1895 version.

What steps are you taking to capture the SYSPREPed Image?

What steps are you taking to deploy the sysprep Image?

For capture:
Prepare for Image capture <-- Select Boot to PXE not automation
capture SYSPREP Image
Reboot to Production

For Deploy:
Reboot to PXE
Deploy SYSPREP Image <-- ensure you have chosen the box to capture inventory data
Reboot to Production
Power Restart (if on a domain)

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Hi WolfPack1953,

I captured the Syspreped image with:

1 Prepare for image capture, selected OS and prduct key

2 Create image, selected Disk Image and named win7(x86).gho

3 Reboot to production.

For deploy:

1 Reboot to PXE

2 Deploy image, win7(x86).gho and select product key. Here, I selected Deployanywhere option and so occured it, sysprep runs other time.

3 Reboot to Production.

If I don't select Deployanywhere option, sysprep no run again and deployed normally. For example:

1 Reboot to PXE

2 Deploy image, win7(x86).gho and select product key. Here, no selected Deployanywhere option.

3 Reboot to Production.

This problem occurred recently... I always used these jobs... I tested in other environment and ocurred this same problem, this is a lab environment wiht the version DS 7.1.598.

Thaks for help.

Any other idea?

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Now, after I added some drivers to Deployanywhere via Console, appear this snapshot when a logged the first time:

And after running sysprep:

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I only have this issue on Computers that DeployAnywhere has Identified Non-Critical Drivers.

Additionally after it boots to the OS it displays a failed to login, when we click OK it brings us to the Administrator login, We type password and login successfully; resulting in the "above description" and reboots then continues normally. no errors are noted in the DS 7.1 Job.

We are using DS 7.1.SP1a

If I remove the NON Critical drivers from the Deployanywhere Driver Database it works with no issues. (just loads the Network Card.

Also, if we turn off DeployAnywhere we have no problems.


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I´m new with DS 7.1. We have used DS 6.9 succesfully for years. Anyway part of the problem is that the computer doesn´t join domain after deploying the image as it should.

Any solution for this yet?

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Try executing Apply System Configuration task after deploy Image is completed and machine is booted in production.

you can add the task in your job. So, when ever you run a job, it will run Apply System Configuration task to join machine in domain.

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After all joining the domain is not an issue. As mentioned above in this chain, sysprep doesn´t run cleanup until manually logged in. This happens only when Deployment Anywhere is in use.

In our case Deployment Job tries to log in with Ghostuser credentials, I don´t know why. We are using "Generate Sysprep configuration file using inventory data". What credentials it should try and is there any place we could check/chance them?