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DS 7.5 HEADS UP: Images may be deleted on Upgrade! TECH211692

Created: 18 Oct 2013 • Updated: 16 May 2014 | 6 comments
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The details are in the KB.  Please be aware of this.  We CAN NOT over-emphasize the need for a backup prior to upgrade.  To play it safe, copy yoru deployment share off-box prior to upgrade, or to a different drive or something.  It may also affect the copy file packages, but the biggest concern is images.

Bookmark that and watch.  We have this in Dev already and are working on it.  We'll update the KB as soon as we know.

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In my environment, we had a drive mounted to the "Task Handler" folder.  It appeared that the mount was broken when the agent/plugins were updated.  The folders were there but had no files in them.  If the path to the "Task Handler" folder was removed and a drive letter was assigned to that directory, you could see the images again.

I am still battling with this upgrade, but so far I have started fresh with a new notification server and new task server, while using my existing database.  There is definitely something going on with the packages that is causing problems and I am still looking into it.  PXE images aren't making it over to the the boot server either, even after it was rebuilt.

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Thanks for posting this, Thomas.  I came on the forums today to see if there were any big known issues prior to trying our upgrade.  I almost think this should be cross posted in the CMS forum to increase visibility? Maybe I'm the only one, but I check the CMS forum almost daily and the sub forums less so.

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looks like this didn't make it into HF1 unless I'm missing it.

Don't forget to mark posts as helpful if they are, and mark answers as solutions.

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We don't know what causes this and are getting less and less calls on it.  The best thing to do for ANY upgrade is to perform a backup first.  That ensures that anything that may happen during upgrade can be managed, including a backout if necessary.  Obviously, we'd hope any upgrade is flawless, but being safe is better.

Thomas Baird
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On further investigation we foound the images were on the site server - it was the reference location in the NS that was the problem.

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We had this issue, but lost all drivers as well.

Critical to have a good backup...