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DS 7.5 is not able to "prepare for image capture" or "create image".

Created: 27 Mar 2014 • Updated: 29 Jan 2015 | 1 comment
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I don't even know where to start.  The task fails on client and gives me a return code of -2147221005.

Below is a link to what I have done thus far and am still not able to resolve this issue:

Can anyone please help if you have run across this same problem?

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I did a cursory review of that thread and do not know all the details but I do have a few questions and suggestions.

1) This "sounds" like you're having a problem executing tasks.  If you can't run a basic script task, that's a "foundation" issue for the product and/or client that would need to be adressed since Deployment Solution relies heavily on the success of Tasks.  No tasks, no DS in short.

2) I must ask - have you called Support?  If you are having as many issues as you suggest from the previous thread, you may not be looking at 1 simnple problem and may be helped by simply getting a call in and fixing things.  Consider troubleshooting Task as a starting point and then move on to DS if you do.

3) Prepare for Image Capture and Capture Image are two VERY different tasks that must be executed in very different ways.  Thus, the troubleshooting for both is VERY different!  You could have either work and the other not in the exact same set of circumstances because of that and you should really look at both differently.

3a) IF you attemnpt to capture an image while in production (not in automation / Windows PE) it will fail every time immediately.  The system MUST first reboot into a new OS - an Automation OS - or this task will not run.  TECHNiCALLY it could work, but it's not supported or coded that way.  It simply fails immediately.

Prepare for image capture though MUST be run IN production.

Thus, both are executed, though on the same system, in a completely different set of scenarios.  Depending on how expert you are at DS, I'm going to take a moment to explain, and hope I don't come across as insulting.

Pretnd you have a dual-boot system - two full OS's on the same box.  One OS we'll call Production because you use it all the time for email.  The other we'll call Dev or Automation because you only use it for special purposes.  These two tasks must be run only in the right environment.  Assuming your "Development" environment was LINUX for instance, and you tried to run a LINUX command in your Windows environment, obviously it would fail, and vise-versa.  I had a dual-boot MAC that was like this - try to execute my MAC stuff in the Windows environment, nope!

Back to the issue at hand.  Prepare for Image Capture MUST be run in your production or main environment and troubleshooting for it done in that environment.  Capture Image MUST be run in a "preboot" or "Automation" environment that is temporary and runs from a RAM drive in order that no files be active in the "Production" environment.

Accordingly, troubleshooting these both in the same thread is VERY confusing.

Unless the key problem is simply task execution of any kind.  If that is the case, then they're both related.

I did not see the outconme of the request in the previous thread for instance for if CTDL or OH were running and fully functional, or the outcome of testing other tasks on the same system.  How about other systemns?  How about other products?  What can you do manually, for instance, if you run Sysprep by hand?  Can you PXE boot?  Do you have a preboot environment built?  Does it work on any other system?  Are you working in a lab or in production?  Are PXE Services running?  Automation folders?

There are a lot of questions related to this and you might be better off getting professional help (e.g Customer Support and/or Partner Firm) to verify your environment first.  But not necessarily.  Answer as best you can what we just asked and let's see where this goes.  IMO - chase the "prepare for image capture" first, and ONLY that, and once you KNOW that works, then we move on from there, OK?

Let us know.  We'll do what we can.  :D

Thomas Baird
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