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DS 7.5 Unmanaged Computer PXE Deployment after boot to prod job never continues

Created: 04 Dec 2013 • Updated: 04 Dec 2013
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When I have a pc that is not in the console and it boots to PXE I then pick an initial deployment job.  It will do all the stuff up until I tell it to boot to production, but then once its in windows 7 the agent never gets the rest of the job.  the job doesn't fail in the console but when I try and get the status it tell me I do not have permission anymore.  I was able to view the status all the way up until it booted into prod and the production agent started to communicate vs the PXE agent.  

It's almost as if it thinks it is a different pc and thus doesn't continue.  in the console I can only find one instance of the computer and strange enough it doesn't show the job in the history at all.

If I have the machine in windows and tell it to boot to PXE then assign the same exact job it works ok

Any thoughts, anyone seen this?

I've attached the error I get in the console when trying to bring up properties

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