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DS Package Delivery/File Copy in Automation?

Created: 22 Oct 2013
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I am trying to deliver files to a machine in automation with DS 7.5

We do not have all of our local site servers as task servers but they are all package servers.  I want to find some way to either map the local package server so I can script a file copy, or use package delivery just to get files onto the computer.

I need this because we created our sysprep image without our altiris agent in the iso so I need to get the agent files onto the machine.  Once on the machine I have a script that runs during the minisetup that will run the install for me.  I have seen the script to copy the agent from the NS server, but I do not want to do that, or specify task server since they may not be local and I am trying to limit WAN traffic.

Is there anyway I can create a token for package server?  

I have seen some articles talking about using %ALTIRIS_PXE_SERVER% which we used to use in DS 6.9 but we are trying to use automation folder rather than pxe, but regardless that token does not seem to resolve to anything

Also if I had to map a drive I'd prefer not to put our credentials in a vbscript that does it we used to use the password file created from DS 6.9 in the older system.

Any thoughts/help?   

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