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DS6.9 Deployment Console and Read Only Domain Controller?

Created: 10 May 2013
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Since our AD was upgraded to 2008R2 and sites were configured we're having problems launching a locally-installed Deployment Console at sites that have a read only domain controller.

Basically, the console will appear to load but will never connect. Eventually express.exe just goes to not responding and no errors are logged anywhere. Our workaround is to launch express.exe after redirecting the computer's authenticating domain controller to one that's in a site without an RODC by running this as a local admin:

nltest.exe /SC_RESET:domain\domain_controller

As an aside I was having a problem with PCAnywhere resulting from the RODCs but I was able to get around that with the QuickADSGroupAuth change:

(I added this here as I know a search for Read Only Domain Controller will bring you to this post)

FWIW we're currently on 6.9 SP5 MR1 and the problem ONLY occurs on Windows 7 computers and not on XP computers.  I will be applying MR3 in a few weeks but I don't think that will fix this issue.


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