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DS6.9, Embedded Bootworks, Ghost, and -Preserve Switch?

Created: 30 Jan 2013 • Updated: 30 Jan 2013 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I'm using DS 6.9SP5MR1 to image machines successfully if I PXE boot, but if I use the embedded Bootworks partition the process fails if I specify the -PRESERVE switch on the command line.  I get the dreaded 36000 internal consistency error and the GHOSTERR log notes "Attempt to write to Bootworks partition blocked".

If I remove the -PRESERVE switch is removed then the image gets deployed properly.

My commandline from the internal Distribute Disk Image task in DS:

ghost64.exe -clone,MODE=restore,SRC=%IMAGE_FILENAME%,DST=1:1 -PRESERVE=1:1\MigrationData=MigrationData -PRESERVEDEST=1:1 -sure

Any thoughts on how I can get Ghost to ignore the Bootworks partition when restoring an image?  All of the Bootworks-related switches I've found have to do with RapidDeploy and of course going that way I'd lose the ability to preserve a directory.

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Try changing your mode to prestore. Should do the trick.

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Yep, that did it. 

Some background for everyone else:

When you create a Distribute Disk Image job in DS6.9 and select Ghost as the engine it fills in the commandline with -MODE=restore.  This works in PXE and Bootworks until you go and add the -preserve or -preserveifexists switches.  At this point -MODE=restore only works when booted via PXE.

I also noticed that with -MODE=restore you can't specify a disk or partition in your commandline.  So, no SRC=ImageFile.gho:1 but with -MODE=prestore it actually requires that you specify.

Ultimately, I wound up with this commandline:
ghost64.exe -clone,MODE=prestore,SRC=%IMAGE_FILENAME%:1,DST=1:1 -PRESERVEIFEXISTS=1:1\MigrationData=\MigrationData -PRESERVEDEST=1:1 -sure

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So I just confirmed that this is still the case in 7.1sp2.  In PXE and USB boot (I haven't tested the Automation Folder yet).

I had to write my own image deployment Script but of course now I can't do token replacement in my Unattend.xml file.

Does this mean that nobody is actually using file preservation for OS migration? 

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My 7.1 commandline (I created the TASKSERVER token):

"\\%TASKSERVER%\deployment\task handler\ghost\x64ghost64.exe" -PRESERVEIFEXISTS=1:1\MigrationData -PRESERVEDEST=1:1 -sure -batch -sure -clone,MODE=prestore,DST=1:1,SRC="\\%TASKSERVER%\deployment\task handler\image\aae16f21-8c50-4d1c-b311-124a3eacd259\win7x64sysp-021113.gho":1

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CORRECTION:  On 7.1SP2 this only fails when the boot media is a USB drive.