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DS6.9SP5 - Some stations do not report to Deployment Solution

Created: 18 Oct 2012 | 2 comments
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Having a problem where a handful of computers(laptops) are not reporting to the Deployment console.  I've tried reinstall the Dagent, and even re-imaging the computer and it still wouldn't show up in the system. 

However, if I take the hard drive with the Dagent installed and place it into another computer, the new computer will appear in the console.

I checked the Restricted Computers list and the affected stations do not appear there.  When I check the dbo.reject_computer and dbo.reject_mac_addrs table I don't see either the mac address of the computer or the name of the computer.

Any ideas?

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Search for the MAC address in the console, perhaps another record has that MAC address.

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Check the firewall as well. Make sure port 402 is open, or that dagent.exe is listed as an exception.

Check your primary lookup key. If it is set to serial number only, several computers could have the same serial number. We ran into that problem when we started using Dell techs to replace motherboards. They didn't always change the serial number in the BIOS, so we had several computers with serial numbers of FIELD before we discovered the problem.

Check the agent settings. Make sure if the agent is set to use multicast to find the Deployment Server, that the Deployment Server doesn't have multicast turned off.