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DS7.1 DriverPacks question.

Created: 07 Oct 2013 | 5 comments

Hello, I was wondering which is the best way to keep the network card drivers upto date. I have many times seen with new laptops that there are network card drivers missing which halts deployment and sometimes the systems need to be built manually.

With new hardware been constantly released how does everyone keep ontop of this?

I have seen the option for DriverPacks and have manually extracted the NIC contense and put this into a folder to upload to deploy anywhere preboot.

Is this something that needs to be done on an individual basis or is there any more automated way.

How does everyone else update theirs?

This is the driver packs im referring to:


Operating Systems:

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When I get a new model machine in, we image it with the existing deploy anywhere database and see if anything doesn't work.  If something is missing, then I tackle finding the latest drivers and uploading via deploy anywhere.

I don't upgrade existing drivers, I prefer to keep model machines consistent across our organization.

Maybe we're fortunate we only buy Dell and we buy the same model until it's no longer offered (the Latitude/Optiplex lines have long life cycles).

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Hi, thanks for the reply. My situation is a little different. We buy new laptops depending on which model is cheapest which results in lots of different models constantly, so I need to find a way to constantly keep the nic drivers up to date.

This always leaves me with UEFI bios, brand new hardware/chipset/nic/graphics + what other gizmos the laptops come with. So it's very time consuming to try keep on top of all this.

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Here the business case is where to save the most money:

A. -  Spending a lot of time once to deploy not so many (as you always buy the cheapest, with al respect)

B -  Spend some more money in an investment of a brand/type with long lifecycle

Pro for A - lower investment on hardware

Con for A - high cost on hours to run/maintain for IT (engineers, Helpdesk) and end-users

Pro's for B - run/maintain costs are a lot lower.  Not only for deployment, but also (or especially) for helpdesk.  As most of the machines are alike, one can rule out HW/driver failures a whole lot faster.

Con for A - higher investment on hardware divided over three/five years

I would now where to put my two cents...

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It is.  We have a request in to do driver harvesting, but that does not exist today in any of our platforms.

We DO now have an update to add UEFI to our supported platforms on 7.1, but this doesn't help your driver packs.

Unfortunately, all you can do is keep up.  It's tedius, we know, and again, hopefully at some point we'll get this.  We can always hope!

Thomas Baird
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Hi Thomas,

Driver harvesting would be a great feature...  Where to vote?