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DS7.1 Scripted software deployment.

Created: 14 May 2013 | 4 comments


I have a batch file that deploys software, basically it just copies some files from our build server to the respective desktops.

I normally just quick run a script job against a list of computer names and the software is either delivered or fails.

Normally the scrip job only works on about 80% of the 40 computers this is delivered to.

i get the error:

Status:  Failed
Return code:  -1073741502
Start time:  14/05/2013 09:34:24
End time:  14/05/2013 09:34:36
Total run time:  11 seconds


The code that I use is similar to below. It's just copy/delete commands

if not exist "C:\WINDOWS\system32\PD_48x48.ICO" copy "\\builserver\share\Software\Shortcuts\icon_48x48.ICO" "C:\WINDOWS\system32"
if not exist "C:\Program Files\DataMan" md "C:\Program Files\DataMan"
if exist "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\shortcut.lnk" del "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\shortcut.lnk"
if exist "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\shortcut.lnk" del "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\shortcut.lnk"
if exist "C:\Program Files\DataMan\Software" rmdir "C:\Program Files\DataMan\Software" /S /Q
xcopy /E /R /Y /i "\\buildserver\Share\Software" "C:\Program Files\DataMan\software"
copy "\\buildserver\Share\software\Shortcuts\shortcut.lnk" "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop"

My question is if a scripted quick delivery task is the best way to deploy this software? I have quereies regarding remote users that have laptops or who are never at our main site that need this as soon as its available.

Also which is the best way to maintain a list of users to deploy this to.

Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks in advance.


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When are you deploying this?  My gut says that the job is failing when trying to delete the .\Software folder as there is a file in use.

I'd adjust this by throwing a taskkill or a pskill command at the front of the job to terminate software.exe.

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if deploying this in the morning or during the day, thanks for the tip about taskkill ill look into it.

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Usually when we're deploying something that replaces a frequently used component or even baseline software we'll set the job to happen at system startup.  Most deployments can complete before the user even logs in, let alone gets to a desktop and to a point where they're launching apps.

As far as maintaining a list you can create a software resource for your old and your new software versions, create detection rules, and then use a Targeted Software Inventory using that detection rule to determine where your software is installed.  Or, you can create a custom inventory to look for the folder and files.

Since this software is not installed using the Windows Installer these are likely your only options.

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I think if you add software in software Catlogue in Altiris, it will automatically create script for installation with customized choices like silent, without user interface, without restart.