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DSExp.exe & Migrating Computers and Groups to new Deployment Servers

Created: 26 Mar 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments
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Hi All,

I've been looking into the DSExp utility to help migrate computers from one server to another.

A problem i've found with it is that it isn't granular, its everything or nothing -and this includes security. If you try and fool it by not including the security files text files it creates, it ends up wiping the security on the your DS which is a bit unpleasant and forces a DB restore from backup.

I'm about to start on a little programming to export computers and groups from the express database into a txt file for import through the console, but this is not going to be nice.

How do you all out there handle DS Server migrations with complicated group hierachies? Do you all use DSExp, or do something else?

I've got that sinking feeling i'm missing something obvious... ;-)
Kind Regards,

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Starting in DS 6.9 you could export clients into a xml or txt file.

Select the computers you want to export and select Export under the File menu.  Then in turn, you could use the exported file to import the data to another DS.

Keep a backup of your system in case this does not work for u :)


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Hi Nelo,

I ended up writing PCexporter,

This solved this for me with exporting from a DS6.8 box. I've been using DS6.9 now for a few months and I had missed the fact that I can export computers now. This should help massively for those migrations to DS7 ;-)

Kind Regards,

Ian Atkin, IT Services, Oxford University, UK

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