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DSR of Domain Controller

Created: 09 Nov 2012 | 1 comment

I am testing the recovery of our infustructure from simulated complete recovery situation and am having a hard time with the domain contoller. In this situation it would be the only DC (and DNS) in the environment. So far I've restored with SDR but cant get it to fully funstion as a DC. I've edited the Sysvol registry so it sees the domain object but i cant add anything to the domain yet. It seems like the system doesn't recognize itself as a domain member or vise versa.

Is SDR the proper method for restoring an isolated DC? if so, what are all the steps invilved?


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If you attempt a manual recovery, do you encounter the same issue ? And here are the steps for using SDR ~

And was the system rebooted post the restore ? Lastly, are you restoring from locally attached device or over the network ? If the latter, please try to test with a locally attached device and ensure this system is disconnected from the network..