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DST cause job to not complete? BE2012

Created: 04 Nov 2012 | 2 comments

Hello, the time changed back to eastern standard time during my fileserver full backup. I just checked and the job was still running and I could not see the activity. The media was marked with no end marker. The cancel job was not available. I had to restart the services and the job ended as canceled. To see what was backed up, I started a restore. I can see where the backup stopped running looking at the folders. After restarting the services the media was reflagged as appendable. It seems that the time affected the running job so that it was not able to complete. From reading the DST problem was fixed with version 2012. I am SP1a and have two patches applied. I am running the backup from where it died. Had I know the DST change would have affected the job, I would have rescheduled it. Anyone else have this happen early this morning? Thank you

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Colin Weaver's picture

The DST issues in 2010 and before affected what happened when the next job after the DST was due to start (jobs reported missed), DST change did not affect running jobs. 2012 should not experience jobs going missed due to DST changes as the new scheduler code was designed to address specifically this problem.

I am wondering if your issue is nothing to do with DST as most of Europe changed DST a week ago and I am not aware that any forum posts or customer cases were reported against the 2012 version and DST. We did get some 2010 customers report the jobs missed issue again.

However I will also be interested in any other reports against the 2012 version and DST problems (if there are any)

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Colin, thank you for the clarification. In this case, the backup job was running when the time changed not scheduled. I created a one time backup to start where the job had frozen. It was able to append to the original tape and completed. I won't know till next weekend if there is a problem with the job, but up till this weekend our Fileserver full was running fine. Thanks again. mark