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Dual-Boot Problem (?)

Created: 25 May 2011 | 1 comment

Hi, I always used and liked to work with PGP, it covers my necessities, but now I'm facing a doubt or problem.

I always had my laptop unencrypted and with linux (ubuntu) and windows 7 dual-booting, but since I encrypted all the disk, I can't use linux, I can view the grub menu and I can choose windows and use it without a problem, but when I try to use Linux it simple doesn't work.

Is there something wrong with PGP ?

Can I simply format the partitions of linux and reinstall it again ? or it will corrupt the pgp boot ?

Is there something I can do to maintain both systems installed and ready to use ?


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Tom Mc's picture

This Knowledge Base Article should help.  In order to not lose any existing data, you should decrypt your disk.  Then after making sure all is working correctly, you can encrypt all but the partition with Linux.  It sounds like you will need the WDE Recovery CD for your decryption.  Be aware that the cd is only 16 bit processing that is slow and can take days for the decryption of your disk is large; this decryption must not be stopped once it has started.

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