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Dup to Tape does not get all Transaction Logs

Created: 30 May 2013 | 2 comments

My current job definition is:

-  backup our User Database with a Full every night.

-  transaction logs run throughout the day.

-  Duplicate to Tape set to occur on weekend. Source selected is "All backups"

My issue is that when duplicate to tape runs, it only does a "dup to tape" of the transaction logs since the last database full backup.

Do I have to manually "dup to tape" the other backup sets?

(12 transaction logs/day x 6 days is 72 backup sets for each MSSQL Server!)

Ideas or suggestions are always welcome.

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pkh's picture

Once you have a full database backup, you don't need any of the previous log backups, so you shouldn't need to duplicate them to tape.

JustTryinToGetItToWork's picture

We are quired to keep 1 year of Fulls and Transaction logs in case point in time recovery is needed.