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Dup to Tape...Expand All?

Created: 10 May 2013 | 5 comments

I find that when I go to the backup sets interface for a storage group that when I need to hilight dozens of backup sets prior to 'Dup to Tape' or 'Delete', that I have to go to each date and expand the triangle so I can then select  "Disk" to perform the next operation of Deleting or DUPing.

Control-A doesn't work (nor does the Shift keyto select all)

Is there an easier way?

(Screenshot attached)

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I can do a shift+click or a ctrl+click to select multiple backup sets.

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The Shift+Click (or any Select -All) method doesn't work.

It will select all....BUT the option to 'Duplicate' or 'Delete' is not available until you expand the dates.

My screenshot illustrates this.

Reclaiming Disk Space Cant select All without expanding each date.PNG
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This is because the dates are just containers for the actual backup sets.  You have to select a backup set before you duplicate or delete.

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Thank you for your reply. Let me ask this. In your previous post, you said "I can do a shift+click or a ctrl+click to select multiple backup sets"

How do you expand all your dates?

I have several hundred per week due to hourly transaction logs being performed on many SQL Servers. I find myself having to  manually expand each date. (After they are all expanded, then I can do the shift+click)

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Just like you did, manually.

If you are duplicating your backup sets, it might be easier to add a duplicate stage to your jobs.