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Dupliacte backups not running.

Created: 08 Jan 2013 | 8 comments
Sinner xyz's picture

Hello All,

So I am back again for help, I am not sure when would be out of job because of BE 2012.

Now Dupliacte backups are not running.. no alert no error..from when I dont know.

I just noticed, any duplicate backup for AVVI dont run.. If I manually try to run ..all it say successfull and do anything

Any solution for this.. ..Is this a known issue.

Thanks in advance

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pkh's picture

If the duplicates are scheduled to run at a specific time, change them to run immediately after the backup job.

Sinner xyz's picture

Yes PKH, all my duplicate jobs are set to run immediately after source job.

Now I noticed, issue started on 5th no duplicate have run since then (physical +Avvi)

I just intsalled one new available update (after praying to GOD), and rebooted my server.

let see how it goes.(Fingers crossed)

pkh's picture

You should try deleting and re-creating your backup and duplicate jobs.

Sinner xyz's picture

hmmm .. delete 135 Jobs and re-create :(

Donald Eady's picture

Be sure to repush the remote agent after the update. As mentioned above pkh.. but rather than recreate all jobs try to create a job that duplicates one the failing jobs and report its success or failure. 

I hope this posting was helpful


user9's picture

I'm seeing this issue having switched to 2013 recently.  I caught it after a few weeks- in my case it seems to randomly skip dupes soe a small % of the my jobs.  As in I have some daily jobs, to disk then tape, the to disk always runs but the dupe will run 2 our of 5 times for example.

I tried recreated the dupes of a few but that hasn't fixed the issue.  Anyone one seeing this/found a solid fix?

Donald Eady's picture

933933 are you seeing failures for the duplicate jobs or do they show complete. Addditionally please verify that there is nothing thrown in Active alerts... 

I hope this posting was helpful


user9's picture

There are no errors or any indication there is  problem.  I only caught this by chance and starting reviewing history on all my jobs.

I was trying to figure a way to catch other jobs with this issues- the give away appears to be status of the duplicate job.  If it is "Succeeded" it may be having this issue.

get-bejob -JobType Duplicate -Status Succeeded

In my instance, all jobs are setup to run dupe immediately after source job.  It appears the dupes are firing but do not actually run as the start time of the dupe is always the point at the which the source completed.    For example  source job 1 completes at 4:30,  the start time on the dupe changes to 4:30.  The start time on the source goes to the next scheduled instance but the dupe's start time does not change however the status is succeeded.   Status for the most part should be linked.