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Duplicate backup job runs slow

Created: 16 Oct 2012 | 4 comments


Here are the details about the setup mentioned below.

BE2010R3 with sp2 and all hotfixes

Raws on win2003 sp2 64bit exch2007 server 

We are first backing up the exchange data to Dedup folder and then duplicating it to tape as per our requirement. 

The backup to dedup will complete in 6 hours or so and it backups up around 250gb because our db is around 250 gb in size.

Then when duplicate to tape starts it reaches upto 248gb  in just 6 hours and then no byte changes but if we open the job activity the directories and files number changes/updates and the job will complete after around 5 hours. So totol time taken would be 11-12 hours for duplicate job

We tried to backup to B2D folder and then tried to duplicate it and it runs fine and duplicate job completed in just 4 hours.

Any reason why backup exec is behaving like this. 

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When you duplicate data from a Dedup to another device (Disk or Tape) than data is rehydrated to 

its original form, due to rehydration the time taken to complete the duplicate job is more than the 

original backup.

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Hello AmolZeroCool,

Thank you for your prompt response. One thing I am not able to understand is rehydrating is done first and then data written to tape or it is a simultaneously running proccess like if dedup data getting uncompress and then written to tape. if it is running simultaneously then why does it not give any byte count after 248 gb and it takes 4-5 hours more to finish the jobs.  any idea.

Thanks again

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I dont think it has solved yet. I am still waiting for a solution


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Rehydrating the data is done on the fly while duplicating the backup.

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