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Duplicate backup selections not being removed

Created: 22 Mar 2012 • Updated: 05 Apr 2012 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


One of our clients running backup exec 2010 with all of the latest service packs and hotfixs. This server backs up the virtual servers on the network (MS Hyper-V) All jobs are set to backup the full VM to disk and then duplicate to tape using a policy.

One of the jobs for the exchange server backups up to disk and then duplicates fine but doesnt clear the duplicate job's selection list. This means the next day when the job runs it fails because it cannot find the cataloge from the day before. We only keep the B2D for the VM for 1 day as they are overwritten each night.

All other jobs are setup the same so unsure as to why this backup doesnt work. I have tried almost everything I can think of to solve the issue including, trying a new backup to disk folder, new policy with new B2D and D2T jobs. run test jobs and the same thing happens.

This is not an issue if we go on every day to clear the selection list manually but is a massive pain. 

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Duplicate backup job does not have any selection . It just based on one of the job with a selection list. So if the orignal backup job is overwritten by any means the duplicate backup would fail giving you the error that it cannot find the catalog as the when the job gets overwritten the catalogs for that job gets overwritten too.

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Thanks the for reply.

I understand that the dulpicate is based on the B2D job and has no selection list but the job is made through a policy so B2D's run overnight and D2T run during the day.

After the B2D job runs you can check the selection list of the duplicate job and under view selection details you get a list of the catalogue files to be backed up. Once the duplicate jobs runs this should then be empty as the job was successful.

The problem is both jobs complete fine but the selection details dont clear.

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Try re-creating the backup and duplicate jobs.  This should be easy enough since you are using a policy.

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Hi, I have created everything new apart from the selection list. I created new jobs in the same policy and even tried a new policy but same thing

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I beleive you are talking about the restore selection list , The restore selection list will be removed once the media used is overwritten by another Job . And if the original job is overwritten before the duplicate job has run then the duplicate will fail .

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Hi All,

Thanks for the help on this one but I have managed to get this sorted. The issue was that because the job was not able to verify a .bin file the job was completing with errors and therefore not removing the selection list from the duplicate job. (this is not a restore list but when you right click the duplicate job and view selection list and choose view selection details the media was there from the job that has just completed. This should be removed when the duplicate job completes ok)

I found this fix:

this only applies to 2010 R2 or R3 I was just running 2010.

I upgraded to 2010 R3 SP2 and all is now working fine.