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Duplicate backup set are not showing up in tape properties

Created: 22 Jul 2014 | 5 comments


i had a daily full backup off a sql server database with my old BE 2012 installation (all was fine).

One job did a daily backup to disc and a daily duplicate to one tape media.
The tape media shows nearly every day in the past a backup set.

Now i migrated to BE 2014 and the backup job was running fine for 14 days now.

But the media doesn´t show the backupsets , that are duplicated from disc to tape.
They are missing...

At the moment i am running a catalog of the media and the backup sets are appering in the media details/backup sets.

This seems to be strange, just like some realy problem with the BEDB database under BE2014.

Can someone check this?


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lmosla's picture

Hi,  see if running a repair of Backup Exec from Programs and Features helps

JuergenB's picture

Hello Lenora,

i don´t think that a repair installation will fix database problems.

can you ask Craig or Colin for some help.

pkh's picture

This is a user supported forum and nobody, not even Symantec employees, are obliged to comment on your problems.  If you really need help, log a support case with Symantec.

JuergenB's picture

I am evaluating this software and i have problems.

I opened a case , but symantec does not need any new customers ...
They don´t support trial installation.

How does a customer get´s some help during evalutation?

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Then when people tried to help, don't brush them off. It is rude