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Duplicate Backup is taking too long to run. Help!

Created: 09 Nov 2013 • Updated: 06 Dec 2013 | 3 comments
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 First off, i am new to a lot of this so please bare with me.

 Another guy who use to work with me set up back up exec 2010 R3 to do a full backup weekly and nightly do incremental back ups and also a duplicate backup which goes to another back up exec server offsite. I am having issues with just one particular server that we do duplicate backups on, all the other duplicate jobs for other servers are running fine. The incremental job on this same server is running fine, it is just when the duplicate job runs. At first, the job would just fail nightly, so i called symantec and after a long and painful ordeal, he had me create a new back up duplicate job. When it runs it doesnt fail but it is taking forever to run. I had to cancel it because it had reached 17 hours of running. This dup backup starts at 7pm and is normally finished by at 10:30pm. I im going to call symantec back but before I do just wanted to see what help I may get from here, so maybe i dont have to call them back.

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Since you just recreate the duplicate job, it could be duplicating all the backup sets that were not duplicated before, thus taking a long time.

If you want to start afresh, you should recreate BOTH the backup and the duplicate jobs.  Since you are probably using a policy with a backup template and a duplicate template, just go to the Job Setup tab, right-click on the policy, delete the jobs and create the new jobs.

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Thanks for your help! The duplicate job runs after the incremental jobs nightly, are you saying that I need to delete both the imcremntal and duplicate jobs and recreate them in the job set up?