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Duplicate Backup to Tape fails with ADAMM Error

Created: 06 Dec 2012 | 9 comments


I have running Backup Exec 2012 doing one day a full-backup and every other day a differential backup to disk. After B2D a duplicate job to tape runs. The backups where running a long time without problems. But now the duplicated job fails every day with error V-79-57344-37956

Final error: 0xe0009444 - The requested source duplicate backup sets catalog record could not be found. Perhaps the media containing the source backup sets was previously deleted.


Unable to determine ADAMM media identification. Catalog query failed

I already have checked this link, but this is not the solution für my problem. What can I do now?

Thanks and regards

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pkh's picture

To get rid of this error, you got to delete the job and re-created it.  The backup history in the job is corrupted.

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A)Rename the catalogs folder under C:\programfiles\veritas\BE\NT\ to "Catalogs.old"

B)In the Backup Exec console Go to Tools-->Options--->Catalog and uncheck "Storage media-based catalog" option.

C)Catalog the media again.

D)Once the catalog operation completed successfully please perform the duplicate job/

  Also refer this Artical:-

Thanks In Advance...

Syed Saied

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Note that he is doing an automated duplication job.  What you are suggesting would not apply.

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Handled a similar case recently whereupoon the scheduled duplicates fail with the same error...

And the workarounds were to either re-create the job as suggested earlier or run a manual duplicate job... In few instances, removing the Duplicate stage & re-adding helps, but best would be to recreate entire job definition..

Paul VanDyke's picture

Why would deleting the job and re-creating it, fix the problem?  I have had the same issue and feel that deleting my jobs and recreating them is time consuming.  I want them to run in the time-slot that I've configured for them.

pkh's picture

As I have said earlier, the problem is caused by corrupt job history and the only way to correct the corruption is to delete the job and re-create it.

In prior versions of BE, the automated duplicate job would be generated from a policy and it is an easy thing to delete and create the job a new.

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But I already have deleted end reconfigured the job. But the problem still occures.

Should I uninstall and install BE2012 again? Best would be, to use BE 2010. This software was working fine but 2012 is really bad.

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Before re-installing, there are two things that I would try first

a) re-creating the catalog

1) Stop all the BE services.

2) rename the Catalog directory under the BE installation directory to Catalog.old

3) create a new Catalog directory

4) Start all the BE services

5) try again.

b) re-installing the tape drive.

1) Delete the library from BE

2) Stop the media server and the library
3) Start the tape library
4) Start the media server
5) Ensure that the library and tape drive is recognised and functioning correctly in the Windows Device Manager.  The library should appear as an Unknown Medium Changer with a Microsoft driver and the tape drive should have a Symantec driver.
6) In BE, install the library if necessary. 
7) Try again.