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Duplicate copies (SLP) are going through different media servers

Created: 08 May 2013 | 3 comments
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Primary copies are going to data domain. Second copy to tape.

Eg:- Server “A” and Server “B” are media server.

        Server “A” is not present in storage unit with data domain.

        However when   second copy runs I can see

        Server “A” > Server “B”

 I don’t under stand why server “A” is coming in to picture.

And  how to avoid this.  Because in my case data is flowing over WAN

Between  Server A and Server B.

Master server  : W2k8 NBU

Media  server : Solaris NBU

Operating Systems:

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Under the Credentials - Storage Servers section does Server A have Server B included in its properties and vice -versa?

This could be where it is getting this access from if it does not appear to have access in the storage unit

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Try this one :

nbemmcmd -changesetting -COMMON_SERVER_FOR_DUP required  -machinename Server "B"

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If you are using Storage LifeCycle Policies, you should always specify the Alternate Read Server for each duplication step.  It should be set to the name of the media server receiving the data, not the one sending.  Otherwise, NetBackup will likely choose the least busy media server and send data between the two media servers instead of between the two storage devices (assuming you are using OST and optimized duplications).

During a duplication from Data Domain to tape at the same location, I have seen data from one Data Domain go across the WAN, through an idle media server at that location, then back to a different media server at the location that has tape drives attached.  I was able to see the data being transmitted both directions across the WAN, so it was being rehydrated at the media server, transmitted across the WAN, only to be returned across the WAN to another media server.  Wreaks havoc on the WAN connection and kills tape drive performance!