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Duplicate Fails - Did I get valid data?

Created: 05 May 2014 • Updated: 29 Mar 2015 | 2 comments
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Hi All,

I have been running a very large duplicate job for a large Dedup repository onto tape, this has been running for over a week.

The Job has completed with the following error, V-79-57344-1541

All I want to know is has my valid data been duplicated onto tape? (and simply the deleted data skipped).

From the look of the logs I can see lots of Backup sets that have been started and completed with no error's, however at the end of the log it states

"The requested media was mounted, but it has been erased and does not contain any backup sets" ( I have hundred's of dedup media sets in this job)

If it finds a Media set that is not valid does it skip and continue or fail the job?



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Check the TN out below:

it doesn't say anything about data NOT being invalid, but don't put your money on it that you can restore from the secondary location. You should be able to trawl through the destination device to see if there are any backup sets on them.


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When BE encounters an bad backup set, it will not continue. If you have a lot of backup sets to duplicate, it would be better to break up the job to smaller ones. This way a failure is more contained.

Are you duplicating these backup sets to backup the entire dedup folder? If so, you can just backup the Shadow Copy Component