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Duplicate Full Backup to USB for offsite

Created: 18 Aug 2012 | 3 comments


   I finally got my external USB drive recognized by my media server and now I am trying to set up a duplicate to it.  Here is my setup.

Backup Exec 2010 R3

File server is my backup server. Backup Exec is installed on the file server and I am backing up to an internal 3Tb hard drive. Backing up C:, D:, E: and F: as well as system state and shadow copy components to local G: drive. 

I have an external USB drive connected as K:.  There are 6 USB drives I plan on rotating through for 6 months of offsite storage.  I run Full backups on Saturday night, and incrementals Mon - Fri.

The first Saturday night of the month, I want to run a full backup, then duplicate that to the external USB drive, so I can take that drive off-site

There is a Policy called Duplicate Backup Sets, but I cannot find any good directions on how to set it up to duplicate my full backup to that USB drive.

PKH gave a great article on setting up the USB drive (Here), and I did that, so the USB part is set up correctly, but how do I configure the policy to run the full backup, then duplicate it to the external USB Drive?

Thanx for all your help.

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What you need to do is to create a policy which a backup template and a duplicate template.  You then link the duplicate template to the backup.  After that, generate your backup and duplicate jobs with a selection list.

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Here is what I have set up. please let me know if it makes sense and should work.

I have 2 jobs I created just as a regular job, a weekly full backup and a daily incremental.  the weekly full backup runs on the second, third, forth and fifth Saturday. The daily runs Mon - Friday.

I also created a policy with 2 templates, one to run a full backup, just like my original job, and the second to duplicate that full backup off to the USB drive.  The template rule also specifies to duplicate the backup sets creted by the first template.  This policy is then set to run on the first Saturday of each month.

My desire is to run a full backup every saturday, and a daily each weekday. Then, the first saturday of the month, I want to duplicate that full backup to an external USB Drive and take that home.  If something bad ever happens, I need to be able to bring that external USB drive back in, import it into Backup exec and restore from it.

Does that make sense? and will the above acomplish that?

Thank you for your help.