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Duplicate hostname computers

Created: 25 Aug 2014 • Updated: 11 Mar 2015 | 8 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi All,
Am working on the workgroup envornment and there are many system with same hostname due to which duplicate hostname are not reflecting on the console .
What shall i do for such issue or duplicate guid is will solve the same issue.

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Why do I get duplicate computer names in the Altiris Database?

Article:HOWTO3592  | Created: 2006-05-16  | Updated: 2006-05-23  | Article URL

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Hi, Thanks James007 but in my case i want both computers to be shown in the database and there inventory as in my envornment there are some 20 -30 system as abc-pc that why am consened will it work or i need to change the hoatname first as it will be a big activity Sudarshn P

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But my consuned is that if agent is install on all system will it reflect on the server or not ?????
As if it is reflecting on the server then I can change the hostname as required.

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Duplicate machine names should be displayed within the onsole unless they were unfortunately automatically merged. 

Do all workgroups have a different workgroup name?

You may also wish to implement a machine name naming convention that includes a workgroup identifier, as that will also make it easier to see where a machine is located, and can be used for automatic placement within a location organizational group.

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Try it

Shared GUID toolkit for NS 7.0
Article:TECH142625  |  Created: 2010-10-25  |  Updated: 2014-01-06  |  Article URL



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You can have made some changes in the compter name to reflect the system on altiris.


How to troubleshoot Altiris Agent connection and communication problems
Article:HOWTO5954  | Created: 2006-12-06  | Updated: 2010-06-09  | Article URL


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There seem to be two issues here,

1) The comuputers have the same name

2) The computers have the same GUID

I'd hazard a guess that the machines have been imaged with the same GUID so AJ's pointer to the shared GUID tool kit is a good start.

Obviously, we are all cringing in horror that all the machines are also sharing the same name... but I'm sure Sudarshanp knows what he's doing!

Kind Regards,

Ian Atkin, IT Services, Oxford University, UK

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