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Duplicate policy template

Created: 23 Jun 2011 | 3 comments

Hi All,

I'm creating policies on our new Backup Exec 2010 R3 system which are setup as below. All backups go to disk (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly) and then the weekly and monthly need to go to tape. What i need to do is create a rule that says if the weekly duplicate and monthly duplicate schedules clash (which they will) then the monthly backup will run - however it dosen't seem you can do this with these types of templates.

My question is, because the Monthly backup is supersedes the weekly will the weekly duplicate know not to run as nothing has been backed up?


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...that rule actually looks right. It doesn't matter what the Weekly job is scheduled to do...the MOnthly job will ALWAYS run instead of the Weekly job. The Weekly job would run the following week as per normal again, until the next rule clash!

EDIT: What you can do on the Weekly duplicate job itself is to explicitly deselect the day on which the monthly job is expected to run...this is another way of ensuring there is no clash!

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On those days that you said the weekly and monthly duplicate jobs will clash, you are doing both the weekly and monthly backups.  Do you need to do both backups on those days?  If not, then disable one of those backups on those days and you will not have the clash.

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Thanks for the advise guys.

The problem is that the weekly job runs every friday and the monthly job runs every 28 days and will always clash. I can't see an easy way to schedule the weekly job to overcome this without creating a template for each week which i'd rather not do as it will increase the number of jobs on the system.

I have thought about having a single duplication job and running the weekly and monthly on that job but as the duplication job defines a backup set the overwrite settings for one of the jobs would be incorrect. If backup exec tries to run both duplicate jobs then I may choose to do this and just set the overwrite physically on the tape when they are changed.

I would like the backups to be as automated as possible and wouldnt want users having to disable backups as it would just confuse them :).