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Duplicate tape - Diff only then full only on wkend

Created: 29 Dec 2012 | 2 comments

Coming from years of Retrospect, and getting lost in my dup to tape stage with BE2012.  I want to make full backup to disk every Friday and dup that to tape.   I want to make differential backup to disk every M-R (saving last 4 days so I always have multiple diff copies) and duplicate only the day's differential to the days tape.  

Here is what I want on site

1) Disk copy of last 4 Friday FULL backups (so, 4 separate FULL backups)

2) Disk copy of Monday differential, Tues differential, Wed differential, Thursday differential.

Here is what I want sitting in a warm, dry, place offsite 

1) Friday tape (actually I rotate these so I have 4 different ones: 1st Friday of this month, 2nd Friday, etc)  - ONE full backup on each tape from that same day.

2) tape for Monday with differential ONLY that was just run on Monday.    Tuesday tape with Tuesday's diff to disk,  Wed tape, Thursday tape  (so these tapes are pretty short).   I could live with these being one Friday plus the daily differential, but tape is too small for every darn thing that is on disk.  

First part is pretty easy, but how in the world do I get part 2 w/BE?   Suggestions?  Am I missing something obvious?   In the past, this strategy has worked well for me (backups finish in reasonable time, and I have multiple full sources plus multiple diff if I ever need a bare metal restore).  


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whoops.  Hold the presses.

I did not realize that I can create 2 separate duplications (not cascading, parallel), and one is FULL and the other is DIFFERENTIAL?  

Does that solve this, or will it try to run BOTH at once after each day (which would be stupid, but almost logical)? 

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You did not indicate which version of BE that you are using.  What you should do is the following:-

For BE 2012 - add a duplicate stage to your jobs so that it will automatically duplicate the disk backup set to tape.

For BE 2010 or earlier - use a policy with a backup template and a duplicate template.  The duplicate template will generate a job to duplicate your disk backup set to tape after your jbackup obs.

In the duplicate stage/template, you can then configure where you want the duplicate backup set, which tape (media set), etc.