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Duplicate to tape fails BE 2012

Created: 12 Nov 2012 • Updated: 20 Nov 2012 | 4 comments
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I have the following:

BE 2012 (Completely patched and updated) installed on 2008 R2 Server

I have various backup jobs and most of then dulpicate to tape on sundays.

I have 5 Tapes in a media set I created. Some of the properties of this media set are:

Overwrite protection period: 3 weeks

Append period None infinate -allow append

Media Vault rules: none

I have set all the Duplicate to Tape jobs to: Append to media, overwrite if no appendable media is availible

As I load the tape each week and perform an inventory I see all the old backup sets and BE indicates that the tape is overwritable.

Having been 5 weeks the backup sets are past thier expiration date and BE show the tape to be overwritable

As the jobs start to run eventaully BE will eventually throw an Alert Message Media Information: Please insert overwritable media into the robotic library using the import command.

BE shows the media as full, and does not want to overwrite the expired backup sets.

To get around this I have added the tape to scratch media and run the jobs again, but some jobs refuse to run. I get no error, the job status just goes to Scheduled.

The whole system has been backing up for a few months now without error which is nothing short of miraculous for BE.

Any ideas why this is happeing?

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Does it write information to the tape, or just mark them as full? If the latter, make sure that there are no significant Hard Write Errors on the tapes...if there are this could cause the backups to queue as the tapes would be seen as faulty.


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Yes it does write to the tape, there are no hard write errors, but about 50 softwrite errors.

Can anyone tell me if moving the tape to scratch media before I perform the backups will screw things up long term. I'm guessing it may impact on the catalogs etc.

Also forgot to mention, that the main console shows that an update or upgrade is availible, but I have installed all the lastest updates and pushed them to the clients and restarted the clients. 


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Not sure what that upgrade would be...BE 2012 R2 isn't even in Beta yet. Have you run LiveUpdate once more to see if there aren't any further patches to be downloaded for installation?

WHat you're doing (moving tapes to Scratch) does nothing and doesn't mess anything up long-term at all. It is a means to force a tape to be overwritten.

Did you perhaps also try a restart of the media server?

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I have run Live update many times, pushed and restarted clients. Also restarted the media server a few times.

Thanks for the information regarding scratch media, I think this may be the solution for now.

I guess we just put it down to more bugs in the software.