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Duplicating Data

Created: 21 Mar 2013 • Updated: 22 Mar 2013 | 3 comments
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I run a full backup daily to a local B2D and once the job completes sucessfully it automatically is set to duplicate the data to a CASO server in a remote location. How do I know how much data has been duplicated so far and how much does it still need to duplicate.

The two servers are many miles apart and the network connection is sporadic. So the duplicate has never completed successfully, it will reach a certain point but then I'll have to cancel the duplicate job so I can do a full backup on the local remote MMS, then the duplicate will start again. Well, weeks have gone by and it still hasnt fully duplicated. But it shoudl certainly be done by now since it only duplicates the data that has actually changed, which is not much. How can I tell how much more it needs to go to duplicate?


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You should be able to compare the amount of data backed up on the local site to what's being duplicated to the should show you a % during the duplicate job.


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it doesnt. All it shows is hwo long its been duplicating, bytes and rate. Other than that I have no idea. But what I cant understand is if the data to be duplicated is for example 1TB and I see Bytes: 250 GB - then I cancel the duplicate to do a ful backup and the duplicate starts back up, shouldnt it start back up from 250 GB since it already duplicated that over?

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There's a checkpoint restart option in a backup with BE 2012, but not sure if this has been extended to a duplicate job.

I guess from the bytes section you could work out how much has been done compared to how much was backed up primarily. Not ideal or efficient by any means.

Maybe head on over to the Ideas section and add it in as a feature request...


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