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Duplicating multiple B2D backups

Created: 12 May 2009 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 6 comments


I hope someone can help me here. I've searched the darkest corners of google for a solution but I can't find it.

Because a regular backup to tape took way too long I've been asked to get that backup time a little shorter..
A backup to disk duplicated to tape didn't really help, it's just too much data and too much small files.

So I thought, multiple backups to disk simultaniously, and then these can be duplicated to tape outside of the initial backupwindow because that doesn't affect the rest of the environment.

the backup to disks goes a a lot faster now!
I've spit the original selectionlist into 4 seperate selectionlists.

I created a policy with a daily full backup to disk job and a duplication to tape job.
Linked that policy to the 4 selections, so I now have 8 jobs (4backup and 4duplicate)

The backup goes great!
4 backup to disks simultaniously speeds up the backup a lot!

But the duplication fails..

"The job failed with the following error: The requested source duplicate could not be found. Perhaps the media containing the source backup sets was previously deleted"

But the media exists! The data also exists!
I can perfectly restore files from the B2D backup.. from all 4!

I can't find the error and it's killing me! I'm no backup guru but all the stories I read tell me that my setup shoudl work.
The most common error is trying to duplicate without using policies, but I AM using policies so that is not the issue here..
Another link I found said something about the combination with the end of the month but that's no issue here either..
It's a daily full backup... there's no other backup schedule that could interfere.....

Could someone please give me some explaination of why my duplication to tape isn't working?
Scheduled or manual doesn't matter.. it just looks like it  looses it's connection with it's backup to disk and tries to backup something that doesn't exist anymore. But why?

The backup Exec version is 12.0 SP1

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CraigV's picture

Have you set the rule on your duplication job to run once the original job has completed?

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M. Possamai's picture

Yes I have.. well actually I could not make a rule to start the duplication to tape immediatly after the backup job ended..
Only duplication rule I can choose is "Duplicate all backup sets created by <backupjobname> using <duplicatejobname> as scheduled."

So I scheduled it to start a few hours after the initial backup to disk finishes.
And the logs tell me that works.. the backup to disk was allready finished 3 hours before the duplication to tape started (and failed).

One oddity found though...
One of the duplication jobs apears to work.. just one..
It seems to duplicate fine but during verification it fails with the same error as the other jobs....

It almost looks as if my backup to disk is going wrong but I can't imagine why and how.. and if it is, why am I still able to successfully restore files...


Ken Putnam's picture

You should be able to use the B2D2T template to setup an automatic dumplicate to tape
See  the  Admin Guide page page 435.  (Sounds like that is what you have already found)

Define the tape portion for each B2D job as "Append, Else Overwrite" , and use the same media set .  Use the  APP option to ensure that only one night's jobs get written to the same tape or set of tapes

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M. Possamai's picture

It's what I did..
Append and overwrite time are long enough...
all 4 B2D jobs write to the same media set.
They  automaticly use different B2D files during the backup.
The log tells me they haven't used any B2D file 2 times, so nothing was overwritten...

Is this what I'm doing wrong?
Should I use a different media set for every selection list?
Haven't tryed this yet... and I don't know how to do this with one template...
Gues I also need 4 templates than...

Ken Putnam's picture

 They automaticly use different B2D files during the backup.
The log tells me they haven't used any B2D file 2 times, so nothing was overwritten...

One more thing to check .  From Tools\Options|Media Management, verify that "Use overwriteablel media in the target media set before scratch media is selected"

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M. Possamai's picture

Checked that and it's set that way.. I don't see how this would affect my backup strategy though......