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Duplication jobs fail between DataDomains

Created: 10 May 2013 | 2 comments

Netbackup v7.1.0.4 RHEL 6.x Master Server.  Windows 2008 R2 Standard media servers v7.1.0.4 32 GB RAM, fiber attached storage plus 10 GB ethernet to one DataDomain backup target.  There is a second DataDomain target at a remote site (RDC).  Attached is a spreadsheet showing a progression of failed duplication jobs.  Eventully the jobs would duplicate to the RDC DataDomain until two weeks ago.  The failed duplications have been occuring only on Fridays Weekly Full backups.  There are between 5 and 7 images that fail.  They will retry every 2 hours for several days then some of them will succeed.  Two weeks ago one then two of the images would not duplicate even a week later when the next weekly full was to start so I canceled the duplication jobs using:   nbstlutil cancel –backupid ...  I am attaching a few log files from the media and master server for further understanding and review.

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The 2 bpdm files are massive: 99.8 MB and 49.3 MB - too big for me to download using my private internet connection.

Please find the entries in the relevant bpdm log for PID 28268 and just post those lines.

We need to see more info for this error:

Warning bpdm (pid=28268) cannot update image database to add completed fragment, error = no entity was found 
file read failed  (13)

I have also noticed an initial connection timeout.
Please increase connect timeout on both media servers.
I would increase read timeouts as well.

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