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Duplication Policy

Created: 15 Jan 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009
I am currently in the process of changing our backup policies and was wondering if the following is possible (I cant see how to do it if it is).
I want to make, hourly (diff), daily (diff), weekly(full), monthly(full) and yearly(full) backups. If I were to do it like I did last time, I would create jobs to backup the servers to disc for each of the above backup types, so I would have 5 backup jobs set per resource, and then setup template rules to say which supersedes which. The to duplicate the jobs I would create a duplication job for each of the above jobs and have them duplicate right after the job has finished.
What I was wondering is, if its possible to only have an hourly (diff) and weekly(full) and then duplicate those 2 jobs to create the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly duplicates. For example, at the end of every day after the 23:00 backup has run, duplicate that last backup (not all the backups) to tape in media set daily, but if its a friday full, duplicate it and put it in media set weekly, except if its a last friday of the month, then duplicate to monthly media set, except if its the last friday of the year, duplicate to yearly media set?
From what I can see, I can postpone a duplication job, but it will duplicate all the sets that have been created by that job since the last duplication (from what the documentation says).