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Dynamic disk support and how to..?

Created: 17 Apr 2013 • Updated: 05 May 2013 | 4 comments
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Hi all,

We're performing a storage migration from an old SAN to something rather newer. This is the procedure we're going to do:

1) Add a new disk(s) from the new SAN equal in size to the current disk(s).

2) Make all appropriate disks Dynamic: Vault Stores, Indexing and MSMQs.

3) Mirror the disks at the OS level and wait for them to sync.

4) Break the mirror.

Can anyone who has done this tell me if it's gone wrong for them, or if EV will not support this, or any other caveats I might need to know about?

Many thanks


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steve_ev's picture

Personally I'd never do data migrations based on breaking a mirror.

Assuming all of your EV data is off the System Partition, why don't you make the new storage accessible to the OS, then use some sort of disk copy utility (e.g. Acronis Migrate Easy), or even something as simple as Robocopy.

When you've got your initial copies, stop EV, do a final sync, then either change the drive letters in the OS or update any data location references (e.g. for Vault Store Partitions) etc. to be the new drive letters.

rasobey's picture

Thanks Steve. Any particular reason you wouldn't use the mirror... it seems it's the breaking part that you don't like? 

I did think of Robocopy, but our storage team say they use OS mirrors quite frequently for doing file server migrations. I'm happy to take their advice tbh.

steve_ev's picture

Just past experience.  At the end of the day let your storage team do whatever they are comfortable with, at the end of the day they'll be the ones undertaking the work.  Fine from an EV perspective.

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Ok, thanks again. It's actually me that will be implementing the work anyway!