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Dynamically Resize A Form

Created: 02 Jan 2013 | 3 comments

Hi Guys,

I have what seems to be a simple requirement.  I have a button on a form that when clicked will resize my form based on the values in text boxes using a custom event.  I can get to the values in the text boxes using ThisFormData but how do I address the height and width properties of the form.  If it was a Windows GUI design environment I'd be doing something like myForm.width = textbox.text



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Try looking for the control ID of the form by looking at the HTML source when the project is running in the debugger... then in your custom javascript, it'd be something like:

<formControlID>.height = <blah>

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Hi reecardo

That's not really working for me.  I've tried to search the log for .height but it's a no show

Also - how do I know what the formcontrolid is ?


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The form control tag would look something like this:

<FORM ... id=blah ...>


The blah after the id would be the form control ID.