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E Vaulted Items are only displaying HALF of the content, rest gets cut off

Created: 26 Mar 2013 • Updated: 21 Sep 2015 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

How do I get it so that  a user can see the ENTIRE e-vaulted message? We are using Outlook 2007 and Exchange 2003. What do I need to check or correct?

Thank you

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Is this when they click on their Shortcut and view the content in the preview pane of outlook or when retrieving the item.

If its the former then you may well need to re-evaluate your shortcut content policy as EV will truncate the content of the message based on your policy. If you really want the users to be able to see the full message content then set your policy for the 'Short Body' to retain the message body for its conten (dont just increase the number of characters to include as this may have a negative performnace impact depending on the size of the original message body).

Keep in mind though that any attachments will still need to be retrieved from their archive. If you want that to be available as well then you will need to change your policy such that you dont create shortcuts at all and still retain the original message after being archived. Obviously you will not gain back any/much space on your exchange servers in these scenarios if that is your intent.

You may well also have to rebuild the Shortcuts to reset the existing ones as per

Hope this helps. If not please clarify further.

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Typically what we do is delete the 'FORMS" folder


Then the users can see the entire content.

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If you double click on the message and still only see part of it you need to check that you have the EV Outlook Add-in installed.

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Not entirely sure how this would be happening. However as Tony suggested can you confirm that when you see this issue that dont also get the EV Banner on the Message indicating its been archived etc.

Also check your Custom Forms in Outlook - Options - Advanced - Custom Forms - Manage Forms and see what version of the EV forms you have installed and where they are coming from (Organizational forms library or locally and if you are using an Org Forms library check the version there and update them if necessary).

Additionally if you can advise what EV server and client version you are running. From the sounds of it you may well be having some Form cache corruption going on although I am unsure why that would be.

You can also try setting your Desktop policy for Outlook such that 'Force Form Reload on Error' is Write Entry and 'Deploy Forms Locally' is set to Delete (default is 'Always') if you are on 10.0.1+ or 9.0.3. And then set back to 'Always' once you are sure all your client forms have been deleted successfully and can then be redeployed to the current EV server version.

lastly check what your shortcut Content policy is set to and if you have defined using shortcut properties when the shortcut is opened amend that to use 'Show Contents'